Skylake-SP area breakdown

By: Travis Downs (, July 12, 2020 8:03 pm
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David Kanter ( on July 12, 2020 6:13 pm wrote:
> I did some analysis a while back that might useful to share here.
> 8.0 mm2 SKL core
> 0.9 mm2 AVX512
> 2.0 mm2 1MB L2$
> 2.4 mm2 1.375MB L3$
> 0.4 mm2 Snoop filter
> 2.0 mm2 caching and home agent
> 2.2 mm2 FIVR, PLLs
> 0.4 mm2 Mystery block
> 18.0 mm2 Total SKL-SP tile
> So AVX512 is about 5% of the tile area, the tiles are 72% of the total area of SKL-SP.
> If you removed AVX512 you'd save 28mm2 for the whole chip, which would let you add at most 2 tiles.
> In that vein, it seems like a pretty reasonable trade-off.

Hmm, you read my mind, I was just wandering over to see if someone had done something like this.

Do you have anything for BDW? Another way of approaching the full cost of AVX-512 would be to look at the BDW-SKL delta. Obviously there were other changes in SKL that may have increased area, but not that many, and BDW is the same process so this could upper-bound the AVX2->AVX-512 cost.
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