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By: Doug S (, July 14, 2020 10:47 am
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Maynard Handley ( on July 14, 2020 10:10 am wrote:
> BTW, as an interesting fact, while trying to (re)find this number I also found
> which prices the A12 at $72. This is interesting both insofar as it's higher than the usual
> estimate people throw out (~$30..$40) but also insofar as an iPhone SE2 has an A13 and costs
> $400. Which makes one wonder how reliable these cost estimates are -- $72 seems a substantial
> fraction of $400, and a lot more also has to go into an SE2.

TechInsights has always had much higher estimates for the cost of Apple's SoCs than others I've seen. They listed the A8 at $52, the A9 at $58.50, the A11 at $52 and A13 at $64 (less than the A12 despite being larger...maybe they were assuming initial yields on N7 were not so great)

Other estimates for the cost of Apple's SoCs are about half as much. Who's closer to the truth, I have no idea. I would assume companies that do this sort of thing are plugged into the foundry world and have a decent idea what TSMC is going to charge per wafer, and what their yields are. How can cost estimates vary by a factor of two? That goes well beyond differing opinions on yield and points to a disagreement as to the 'base price' per wafer Apple is paying. Maybe TechInsights assumes they pay a lot extra to be 'first in line' for a new process?

Perhaps David has an idea as to why the big difference, or an opinion as to whose cost estimates we should lend more credence to.
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