Sequential consistency in hardware

By: Jeff S. (, August 5, 2020 7:43 pm
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Travis Downs ( on August 5, 2020 7:39 pm wrote:
> In this paragraph you are talking about how it could work under x86-TSO, right?


> Why do you emphasize remotely in "remotely induced squashes"? What is the non-remote case?

just to note that the snooped invalidations coming from remote cores was the initial focus of the thread (and as you said not a burden for TSO forwarding validation) but that purely core-local events still leave those forwardings subject to squashing.

> this has to be detected, but I sort of considered it a function of the "store buffer" rather than the
> MOB (although how separate these structures are, physically, is open to debate).

that's fair, but I was trying to talk about TSO forwarding in general without a particular concrete uarch implementation in mind (despite stealing mostly Intel terms, sorry)

> So when you say the "fully general case" you are talking about the
> possibility of (core local) forwarding speculation failure?

again, yes.

> It is not obvious to me that the same mechanism would be used to detect both remote-induced
> ordering violations and speculation failures, although I do note that the same PMU
> event (MACHINE_CLEARS.MEMORY_ORDERING) is used to count both cases.

I did not realize that, but it's good to know, thanks.

> What do you mean for a store to "arrive in the MOB"? That its address becomes known?

I meant both address and data, since you can't actually do the forward without both. I don't have any clue whether any implementation would allow a store address to propagate very far though the MOB without the data, or what advantages that might allow.
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