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By: Maynard Handley (, August 11, 2020 4:34 pm
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anonymou5 ( on August 11, 2020 4:30 pm wrote:
> looking at that ~1600-1730 score range and the numerous cores
> and frequencies "achieving" it... GB is considered meaningful?
> I am not trying to dish the benchmark... but... I do expect my
> benchmarks to... well... be a little less random than this...

The raw GB5 browser is polluted with crap from various jokers who think it's the height of wit to create absurd scores.
But it doesn't take much effort to tune those out.
Go to to something like
and you'll see the "reliable" values.

As you can see, the current state of the art (publicly) is
- Intel at about 1400
- AMD at about 1350
- Apple at about 1320

- Tiger Lake hits around 1150 (not great, but a mobile part). Comparing to an Ice Lake Macbook Air (I assume about the target product) it's same ST performance, hopefully better graphics or lower power to justify its existence... It does get 4000 rather than 3000 for MT.

-Zen3 is supposed to be ~17% higher IPC (still 7nm, presumably essentially the same frequencies)

- A14 supposedly hits ~1800 (40% increase over A13).
This is the second supposed A14 GB5 leak, from a day ago, and from a "legit" leaker.
There was an earlier leak about 4 months ago claiming ~1650 (25%).
Are either plausible? WTF knows. 25% seems perfectly doable given 5n and Apple's track record. 40% seems a stretch. Reasonable, IMHO, IF SVE2 is there and being used -- but that would require a GB5 binary compiled for SVE2, and I highly doubt such a thing exists.
Personally my take is until the full GB5 results are available (so one can view the pattern of improvements) I wouldn't take either of these any more seriously than one's natural prior of the usual Apple 25..30% annual boost.

So by end of this year we should expect Apple at maybe 1650 (maybe as high as 1800? maybe for macs but not phones?), AMD at maybe 1600, Intel probably still at 1400.

That should give you enough to calibrate what's reasonable and what's nonsense.
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