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By: Dummond D. Slow (, August 12, 2020 11:44 am
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blue ( on August 12, 2020 11:25 am wrote:
> Maynard Handley ( on August 11, 2020 2:59 pm wrote:
> >
> > I expect them to ship around end of 2021. Whats the competition?
> > - AMD next? That's a legitimate unknown. But seems unlikely to be more than ~20% faster generically
> > (probably quite a bit faster for particular FP workloads), at the same power levels.
> Presumably if it is around the end of 2021, that would AMD next+1.
> So call it ~20% from whatever their Zen3 server CPU is, and another compounding 20%?
> iirc, servethehome found 7462 to use only a bit more power than the previous flagship 7601.
> AMD's competition for such a late 2021 part could be ~45-50%
> higher performance with about half the power per core.
> This would still put them below Nuvia's Pheonix cores perf/watt for this workload (assuming the different
> core implementations have the same pref/watt for Picasso versus chiplets, and various other things).
> So Nuvia's claims are not actually that insane (based on my understanding that
> they had people who have worked on very good architectures, like Apple's A series)
> and they're not insanely ahead of a decently optimistic gain for AMD.
> I think I had a conclusion in mind at some point, but lost it.

People think a startup incorporated in 2019 releases a radical new design custom-core processor with leading performance in 2021?

Colour me sceptical. Tho it could be a Lakefield like launch where they rock the blogs and twitters in late 2021 and stuff will be available mid-2023, I guess.
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