Imagination launches IP for multi-chip GPUs

By: Anon (, October 15, 2020 1:56 am
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Mostly seems like a scaled up version of their mobile IP, as opposed to a new architecture. The interesting bit is that multiple GPUs can now act as one, even when split over multiple "chiplets". Their tile based architecture is certainly a better fit for this than either AMD or NVidia, as they can distribute tiles between separate GPUs very cleanly.

Since then, however, everything has changed and A-Series higher-end capabilities have proven ground-breaking for Imagination. We have now launched the IMG B-Series GPU family, the latest generation of PowerVR (our 11th!) which has 70% higher compute density compared to existing desktop GPUs, and advanced multi-core features.

And I’m excited to say that we have five customers targeting the desktop, performance laptop and cloud spaces using the PowerVR GPU architecture.

One of them, Innosilicon, has announced their plans today alongside the B-Series launch. Innosilicon has integrated the newly launched IMG B-Series BXT multi-core GPU IP in PCI-E form-factor GPU SoCs for desktop and data centre applications. Our companies are also exploring a long-term strategic partnership to bring even more powerful GPU SoCs to the market.

Anandtech also has a write up:
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