Interesting Zen IPC benchmarks

By: Chester (, November 23, 2020 2:27 pm
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> > IPC at stock clocks will naturally favor lower clocked CPUs, because memory latency
> > will be lower in terms of clocks. Because of that, I think measuring IPC at identical
> > clocks is better if you're trying to directly compare architecture.
> >
> > IPC scaling with clock speed should be tested separately, but they'd need performance
> > counters to account for DVFS and sadly most review sites don't do that.
> This is wrong and debunked often in this forum, but it wasn't my point, so I will ignore it.
> Take the 1800X as example. Stock RAM is 2667MHz and in Zen µarch MEMCLK and DFICLK
> are tied, which implies when you overclock the RAM, you are overclocking IF. This means
> independently of the core clock the CPU is no more in stock settings. In this review
> memory and IF were overclocked by 20% increasing IPC over stock configuration.

Yes, it would increase IPC over the stock config. It also lets the author separate CPU perf from memory perf as much as possible. But anyway, I think 4 GHz, DDR4-3200 is a fine comparison point. Testing IPC at stock wasn't the author's goal to begin with.

> > Nice, you've picked up compression and rendering. Now try scrolling down more :) If you
> > keep hitting the down arrow, the page will keep scrolling and you'll see more results like
> > video/image editing. Keep going until the little bar on the right reaches the bottom.
> Thanks for the tip! Now, if you apply it to yourself and scroll down to the end of
> my former message, you can verify that I read the whole review. Hint: "CPU tests".

You said 'not providing cpu tests in the gaming measurements.' Earlier on, you simply said 'rendering, rendering, rendering...', then tried to claim the '...' covered everything else. But then you keep describing the article as 'rendering, rendering, rendering'.

Just FYI, it's really easy to tell when someone hasn't done their homework.

> This is not about liking or disliking rendering. This is about offering a wide selection of different workloads
> in order to obtain an average IPC, instead testing rendering, rendering, rendering, did we test rendering?

On one hand you pretend to have read the article and seem to acknowledge it tested a lot more than just rendering.

On the other, you say 'rendering, rendering, rendering, did we test rendering?'

Do you see a contradiction?

> > > and not providing full CPU tests in the gaming measurements.
> >
> > What's not 'full' about CPU tests in the gaming measurements?
> 1080p is not a full CPU test.

What kind of test would you like to see? Higher resolutions push more load to the GPU, and tend to minimize CPU differences.
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