8086 microcode disassembled

By: none (none.delete@this.none.com), January 8, 2021 4:06 am
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I find this kind of reverse engineering fascinating :)

8086 microcode disassembled
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8086 microcode disassemblednone2021/01/08 04:06 AM
  8086 microcode disassembledgallier22021/01/08 05:00 AM
  8086 microcode disassembledLinus Torvalds2021/01/08 01:34 PM
    8086 microcode disassembledBigos2021/01/08 03:00 PM
      8086 microcode disassembledLinus Torvalds2021/01/08 03:10 PM
        It would be fun if someone adds a absolute product in the next interation of the ISA (NT)Anon2021/01/08 04:14 PM
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