Apple GPU reverse engineering

By: Pocak (, February 17, 2021 6:54 am
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K.K. ( on February 16, 2021 11:48 pm wrote:
> Jeff S. ( on February 16, 2021 11:19 am wrote:
> > The oddest thing I caught when I skimmed this was that the exec mask was claimed to be stored in a vector
> > register, not scalar/uniform. This would definitely be an odd wrinkle if correct.
> I understand it that the execution mask is simply stored in a 32-bit register.
> "Vector/scalar" here is probably just loosely used by the author.
> What I find more confusing is the description of the register file, it's something I can't quite
> wrap my head around. So they say that there are 128 registers per SIMD unit, and they are evenly
> partitioned between threads (SIMD lanes). That would mean that each thread has only access to 4
> registers max — and two of them are used for special purpose anyway (the stack depth counter
> and link register).

From the doc:
> General purpose registers each store one 32-bit value per thread.

They mean a total of 1024 bits per register.

The document doesn't say how many physical registers there are, only that one SIMD-group may use at most 128. There could be more registers per SIMD unit. It also doesn't say the registers are evenly partitioned — if it's like other GPUs, there could be SIMD-groups with different register needs running on the same SIMD unit simultaneously.

> Also, why would the system have a link register per thread anyway — don't
> they all share the same IP? Is it to support function calls in divergent execution flows?

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