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By: Travis Downs (, February 19, 2021 9:05 pm
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I am across this interesting document which covers in some detail the new uncore design in Nehalem, along with a few details I hadn't heard elsewhere.

The central component of the uncore is a crossbar "global queue" which intermediates requests from the cores, DRAM, other sockets, etc.

Am I correct in assuming the GQ was replaced by the ring in Sandy Bridge?
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Crossbar GQTravis Downs2021/02/19 09:05 PM
  s/I am across/I ran across/ (NT)Travis Downs2021/02/19 09:05 PM
  Crossbar GQDavid Kanter2021/02/21 01:45 AM
    Thanks David, makes sense (NT)Travis Downs2021/02/22 10:01 PM
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