AMD 3D VCache at end of year.

By: Brett (, June 1, 2021 12:00 pm
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AMD 3D VCache at end of year.

I think the picture is wrong, only the structural silicon has Through Silicon Vias, with the cache die face to face with the CPU die. This gives least cost for implementation.
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AMD 3D VCache at end of year.Brett2021/06/01 12:00 PM
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          AMD 3D VCache at end of year.Anon2021/06/02 09:00 AM
            AMD 3D VCache at end of year.Doug S2021/06/02 11:19 AM
      AMD 3D VCache at end of year.Adrian2021/06/02 12:46 AM
        Edit: I was wrong aboveAdrian2021/06/02 01:10 AM
          TSV sites are visible on existing Zen 3 chipletsAdrian2021/06/02 01:49 AM
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      AMD 3D VCache at end of year.Andrey2021/06/02 11:58 AM
        AMD 3D VCache at end of year.anon2021/06/03 12:44 AM
  A processor hiding in SRAMhobold2021/06/01 11:10 PM
    A processor hiding in SRAMFoo_2021/06/01 11:29 PM
      A processor hiding in SRAMhobold2021/06/02 11:08 AM
  V-Cache: how so dense?Travis Downs2021/06/02 08:34 PM
    V-Cache: how so dense?itsmydamnation2021/06/02 09:34 PM
    V-Cache: how so dense?Andrei F2021/06/02 11:46 PM
      V-Cache: how so dense?Travis Downs2021/06/02 11:55 PM
        V-Cache: how so dense?Andrei F2021/06/03 12:43 AM
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          V-Cache: how so dense?Travis Downs2021/06/03 08:28 AM
            V-Cache: how so dense?Wes Felter2021/06/03 08:52 AM
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