N2, or V1?

By: Adrian (a.delete@this.acm.org), December 5, 2021 3:54 am
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dmcq (dmcq.delete@this.fano.co.uk) on December 5, 2021 1:43 am wrote:
> Adrian (a.delete@this.acm.org) on December 5, 2021 12:15 am wrote:
> > Rayla (rayla.delete@this.example.com) on December 4, 2021 1:20 pm wrote:
> > >
> > > What slide shows that it only has one 256b SVE pipe? All they say is that they have
> > > 256b SVE - which is in line with what the V1 has. It's not different from Intel saying
> > > that ICL and SKL-SP have 512b AVX, despite having multiple 512b datapaths.
> >
> >
> > I agree that the slide is ambiguous, but that area in the diagram matched
> > the same area in the ARM diagram, except that the "2x" was removed.
> >
> > Also, this was not my own interpretation, but of Timothy Prickett Morgan from
> > NextPlatform, who asked Amazon about this, but did not receive any reply yet.
> >
> > If Graviton 3 would have indeed a complete V1, running 2 x 256-bit FMA at 2.6 GHz
> > with only a power consumption of 1.0 ... 1.25 W per core, that would be a huge improvement
> > in energy efficiency over the existing CPUs, which does not seem likely.
> It has four SIMD units so I think it is practically definitely a V1 2x256 bit
> SVE chip. There just wouldn't be any point in doing anything else. The cores
> would be run at 2.6GHz and with 5nm that would cut the power down greatly.

It would be nice if the 5-nm TSMC process would allow such a great reduction in power consumption, because if Graviton 3 uses full V1 cores, that means that a V1 in 5 nm can match the performance of an AMD Milan in 7 nm at less than half of the per core power consumption.

When doing SVE/AVX 2 x 256 bit FMA, more than half of the power consumption is just in the FPU (about 60% for Intel/AMD, while for ARM the proportion should be greater, since the rest of the core is simpler), so the architecture of the CPU should matter much less for this limit case than the transistor characteristics determined by the manufacturing process.

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