Other (minor) power factors?

By: Paul A. Clayton (paaronclayton.delete@this.gmail.com), December 6, 2021 7:37 am
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Adrian (a.delete@this.acm.org) on December 5, 2021 12:07 pm wrote:
> Supposing that the implementation of an ARM core must be much more efficient than that
> of an Intel or AMD core, that implies that the part of the power required for the FPU
> when doing FMAs can be only significantly larger than for Intel, as the FPU must be equivalent,
> unlike other parts, like the instruction decoder, that can be much simpler.
> Therefore I would expect that an ARM V1 core, when doing 2 x 256-bit FMAs, would use 65% to
> 75% of the total core power in the FPU. This FPU power can be smaller than the power needed
> by an Epyc only due to the newer manufacturing process, and, as you say, due to the lower maximum
> frequency target, which can permit the use of fewer/smaller/lower-leakage transistors.

I would guess that quality of implementation is also a factor. Design effort and skill applies at various levels, but a "full custom" design should be better than a "synthesized" design.

I also got the impression that high frequency design involved more effort.

Design goals in terms of yield would also seem to impact the result. If one can accept 50% yield or can sell many different bins, one would presumably design a different processor than if other yield targets applied.

Such factors might be insignificant, but I think such details are interesting.

Sadly my ignorance is especially vast with respect to design (and EE in general).
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