This video is just really totally wrong..., sorry.

By: Hans de Vries (, December 15, 2021 6:26 pm
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Brett ( on December 14, 2021 3:01 pm wrote:
> Electricity is magnetism:

Simple to measure and prove wrong with very basic equipment....

He claims that the light switches on after just 3.3 ns. The time for an electromagnetic signal to propagate 1 meter. However the induced Electric field at that moment in the light bulb is both very low and very short.

- The current at the switch produces a vector potential field A(x) proportional to the current and pointing in the same direction as the current. This field A(x) reaches the bulb after 3.3ns.

- This induces and Electric field in the bulb wire proportional to E = -dA/dt. If you switch on a DC current then there is only a single pulse. After that E = -dA/dt is zero!

The correct formulation of the propagation of the Electro-Magnetic potential field was given by Liénard & Wiechert around 1898-1900, long after Maxwell's equations from 1860.

See paragraph 2.2 from this chapter of my book.

To understand the interaction between the electron field and the electromagnetic field via quantum electrodynamics in the simplest form (electrons with a charge but no magnetic moment) you can look at this chapter:

(For electrons including their magnetic moment you need the Dirac equation, 1927)
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