Electricity is magnetism

By: David Hess (davidwhess.delete@this.gmail.com), December 19, 2021 6:54 pm
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anon1 (anon1.delete@this.anon1.com) on December 19, 2021 2:51 am wrote:
> Here is something I do not understand (and sorry if this is very naive, my last exposure to physics of
> electromagnetism was in high school 20 years ago) — if the energy of the electromagnetic field is propagated
> to the LED on the "shortest" path rather along the wire, why is the wire even needed? That is, wouldn't
> it mean that the LED would receive energy even if were not connected to the circuit?

Energy would be transferred for as long as it took the transmission lines to charge.

If the transmission lines were open on their remote ends, then in circuit they appear as a resistance equal to their characteristic impedance until the wave propagating along the transmission line reaches the end and returns, at which point if they are properly terminated by the load, energy transfer ends. Transmission lines are sometimes used in exactly this way in which case they might be called "charge lines".

Things get weird if the load does not match the transmission line impedance because it causes reflections but there is no need to consider that here.
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