IBM z16 Announcement

By: rwessel (, April 5, 2022 5:31 pm
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Not a huge number of details yet. More cores (200), memory (40TB), I/O, etc., as expected. Same clock speed (5.2GHz), more L2, more L4. 10-13% faster single thread performance. An "AI accelerator" coprocessor (apparently neural network hardware support), lattice crypto in hardware, extensions to hardware sort and compression support. The usual list of enhanced bits (branch prediction, OoO, SMT...).

30 or so new instructions. Other than the neural network support, it looks mostly a bunch of simple additions, without major new function (although all we have is a list of mnemonics* - 16 new vector instructions, half a dozen new shifts, and a few others).

7nm EUV chips.

Haven't seen a PofO yet.

*We should get the folks here advocating longer "mnemonics" for assembler to get IBM to do that, so we can more easily tease out what these do. ;-)
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