For fans of Minority Report UI's

By: --- (, April 21, 2022 11:35 am
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If you like the idea of gesture-based UI's...
(2019) System and method of controlling devices using motion gestures

The first few examples seem kinda wii-like, you hold something that you wave around to control another box. The lunacy really kicks in when they suggest that this device could be an Apple Watch, which you tap to put it into "Gesture Controller" mode, then wave around to your heart's desire.

I'm skeptical of most of this genre of UI, and I can't see many use cases where this beats the various alternatives. But it amused me, and maybe one day Apple will release the Apple Ring and show us all how valuable gestures can be?
(And to be fair, if such a UI is released, much of the value will be precisely in having identified a set of worthwhile use cases. Meaning you put dumb use case examples in the patents so as not to tip your hand.)
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