EPYC Instinct Module

By: Jim Wilson (jim.wilson.delete@this.noemail.com), May 12, 2022 5:13 pm
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I predict AMD will make a module containing a CPU and GPU connected together with Infinity Fabric Links. One good combination would be their Genoa CPU plus a GPU from their Instinct MI300 series. Genoa has 12 channels of DDR5. Eight Infinity Fabric Links at current speeds would allow 400 GBytes/sec to be transferred in each direction between CPU and GPU simultaneously. This would be very useful for applications such as large natural language models, computational chemistry and weather simulation. These applications need far more memory than can be directly connected to a GPU. For example, Google published a paper on a language model with 1.2 trillion total parameters and about 100 billion activated parameters per input token (arxiv.org/abs/2112.06905).

With 12 channels of DDR5, AMD would have DRAM size and customer installable DRAM as differentiation from NVIDIA’s Grace Hopper module. Grace Hopper has 512 GBytes of LPDDR5X plus 80 GBytes of HBM.
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EPYC Instinct ModuleJim Wilson2022/05/12 05:13 PM
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