Zen 4 mobile (Phoenix Point) "chiplet architecture"

By: AngstromAndy (canadianmist.delete@this.protonmail.com), June 10, 2022 3:46 pm
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"The “Phoenix Point” mobile processor planned for 2023 will bring together the AMD “Zen 4” core architecture with AMD RDNA 3 graphics architecture and AIE, followed by the “Strix Point” processor planned for 2024. “Phoenix Point” innovations include the AIE inference accelerator, image signal processor, advanced display for refresh and response, AMD chiplet architecture, and extreme power management."
From AMD PR.

Change of phrasing as opposed to "chiplet design" with the other products mentioned in the press release, but still intriguing - are they just using this as a stand-in for "advanced packaging" of some kind?

I think it's reasonable to *presume* PP (Phoenix Point) isn't going to end up using an IO die/full chiplet design like with Zen 4 (which is now on TSMC N6 for the IO die afaict), due to the power draw, which would defeat would defeat some of the purpose for their sub-30W SoC's - Dragon Range (their 12/16-core desktop-for-laptops package) being targeted to a different mobile market where energy inefficiencies aren't scrutinized in the same way. Maybe it's something similar to e.g. Meteor Lake with Foveros albeit using TSMC + AMD tech in integration (which allegedly wouldn't hurt power draw to the same extent), that's different I suppose given the advantages to cost - think with their accelerator blocks, and keeping overall yields high.
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