M2 benchmarks

By: Eric Fink (eric.delete@this.anon.com), June 17, 2022 2:05 am
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Adrian (a.delete@this.acm.org) on June 16, 2022 9:27 am wrote:
> The GB5 database is swamped by bad results obtained on misconfigured Windows computers. Now it has become
> much more difficult to identify the correct results than before

Which is why one looks at highest scores. It’s all consistent if yiu look at the data closely.

> Nevertheless, there is no doubt that 1800 is wrong, because that is the score that
> I get on a Zen 3 @ 4.8 GHz (no overclocking, no PBO, slower memory than standard;
> Zen 3 with standard memory gets around 1810 @ 4.8 GHz and around 1850 @ 4.9 GHz).
> i7-1280P is Alder Lake @ 4.8 GHz, which must obtain a ST GB5 score higher than Zen 3 by 15% to
> 20%, so it should obtain a score around 2100.

Where do you get this notion? I haven’t seen a single analysis showing that ADL IPC is significantly higher than that of Zen3. In published single-core SPEC rates, the 5.2ghz desktop ADL is only marginally faster than Zen3 at 4.8ghz. Or M1 firestorm for what matters.

> so an i9-12900HK @ 5.0 GHz must obtain a score not much less than 2200 For desktop Alder Lake
> there are indeed many results in the database around 2200, which must be the right ones.

Because the desktop ADL is not limited by the thermal performance of the chassis. These super high 2200 scores are likely result of thermal velocity boost (or whatever Intel calls it these days) and that just won’t happen on a laptop.

> That they have compared with i7-1260P is completely certain. Even when looking
> only at the large titles and not at the small print, the Intel CPU was identified
> as a "12-core laptop CPU", which matches nothing else but i7-1260P.

Then they were probably either using SPEC with ADL thermal limiter removed (to give it a 55W TDP) or even one of the tests that favors Intel, like Cinebench.

> is much more trustworthy than 100 or 1000 GB5 results uploaded by some random dudes,
> who do not have the slightest idea about what programs are installed on their Windows machines, which run
> concurrently with the supposedly single-thread GB5 benchmark, decreasing the benchmark score.

Fair enough, but please also consider that this is the performance you get on one of those Windows machines. Benchmarking is one thing, doing real work is another one. So these flawed benchmarks are probably closer to what you will actually see in real life. Not to mention that x86 laptops severely throttle their performance on battery, likely to limit the peak current demands on the battery.

In contrast, M-series GB5 results are much more consistent. I doubt that macOS has lower overhead than Windows, this is likely the effect of superior power management and the fact that M-series need a fraction of the current to reach the peak performance compared to the x86 CPUs. So M-series series will give you much more predictable and consistent high performance, whether on battery or on charger. So unto new evidence comes along I will remain by my claim that M2 - for all practical purposes - will offer the highest single core performance of all laptops at its release, and likely even the highest multicore performance in its class.
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