NDA balderdash, Arm guessing game

By: Kara (karaardalan.delete@this.gmail.com), June 26, 2022 10:55 am
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Although arm is yet to publicly annonce cortex x3, cortex a720, next-gen mali; the manufacturerers have been informed about them.

So, what does your roommates think, do they assume they're going to be disappointed, or thrilled by the next gen?

What is your roommates thoughts on qualcomm allegedly using both a720 and a710 in their 8g2? Do they think this is because a720 is going to rather be a bigger sibling, than a substitute, for a710?

And I like what Arm is doing with mali, their g710 is pretty much a cray-like vector processor with 2x4 4-wide fma PEs, do your roommates think the next-gen will double down on that path forward?

How about ethos accelerators, can your roommates imagine arm broadening this category?
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