EPYC3 refuses to boost

By: Michael S (already5chosen.delete@this.yahoo.com), June 28, 2022 2:44 am
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I have troubles convincing EPYC3 (7543P) to increase clock frequency under light load.
When new process starts, it appears to remain at base clock frequency (2800 MHz) or a little lower for relatively long time, sometimes for longer than a minute. After that sometimes it increases the frequency to ~3.7 MHz, which is an official max boost, but not necessarily remains here for the rest of the run time.
if I look the process to particular CPU core then it behaves more consistently, boosting frequency to the max after ~2.5 sec, but even here it does not appear at the max boost 100% of time.

It's Lenovo SR635, Ws2019 Essential, set to high performance power plan.

I wonder, what's going on and if it is possible to cause EPYC to behave more like desktop CPUs or as Intel Xeon E3/Xeon E, which is approximately the same thing.

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