IBM 5 bit microcontroller

By: Paul Bishop (, July 31, 2022 4:08 pm
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Duane Sand ( on July 31, 2022 10:26 am wrote:
> Paul, do you happen to have any docs describing IBM's UC (Universal Controller) series?
> I believe the console for 3090 used UC 1.0 (32 bits?), the one for 3080 used UC 0.5
> (16 bits?), and earlier machines made some use of an 8 bit version UC.0.

Never heard the term "UC" so nothing I can add. Sorry. I only recall 308X had custom controller. Never got further into than that. 3090 service processor used 2x 4361-like CPUs running modified version of VM. I wrote software to modify the files to change the machine configuration (configuration was delivered on tape). From some of the service-processor screens you could break-out into the text editor, then down to the OS. All screens were written in REXX. I think I still have the code I wrote to reverse-calculate the monthly high-access service processor passwords.

Would be interesting to know your background and reasoning behind the research; self-interest, book, article, etc.

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