RIP Optane/XPoint

By: Wes Felter (, July 28, 2022 6:53 pm
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Intel To Wind Down Optane Memory Business - 3D XPoint Storage Tech Reaches Its End

Even though it never lived up to Intel's promises I'm not aware of any alternative persistent memory tech. I guess that whole field is over.
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RIP Optane/XPointWes Felter2022/07/28 06:53 PM
  RIP Optane/XPointRayla2022/07/28 07:28 PM
  RIP Optane/XPointDoug S2022/07/28 08:00 PM
    RIP Optane/XPointNoSpammer2022/07/29 12:50 AM
    NVDIMM-NEric L2022/07/29 02:36 AM
    RIP Optane/XPointMichael S2022/07/29 03:02 AM
      RIP Optane/XPointDoug S2022/07/29 09:40 AM
        RIP Optane/XPointDoug S2022/07/29 09:43 AM
          RIP Optane/XPointLinus Torvalds2022/07/29 10:20 AM
            RIP Optane/XPointDavid Hess2022/07/29 07:59 PM
              RIP Optane/XPointDavid Hess2022/07/30 02:44 PM
                RIP Optane/XPointDoug S2022/07/30 09:43 PM
                  RIP Optane/XPointrwessel2022/07/31 04:33 AM
                  RIP Optane/XPointKonrad Schwarz2022/08/02 07:06 AM
                  RIP Optane/XPointDavid Hess2022/08/02 09:24 PM
                    RIP Optane/XPointDavid Hess2022/08/02 09:26 PM
                    RIP Optane/XPointAdrian2022/08/03 12:19 AM
        RIP Optane/XPointanonymou52022/07/29 11:50 AM
    RIP Optane/XPointGionatan Danti2022/07/29 08:09 AM
    RIP Optane/XPointMark Roulo2022/07/29 09:02 AM
      RIP Optane/XPointdmcq2022/07/30 02:42 AM
      RIP Optane/XPointanon32022/07/31 09:19 PM
        RIP Optane/XPointanon22022/07/31 09:55 PM
          RIP Optane/XPointDoug S2022/08/01 07:37 AM
            RIP Optane/XPointGionatan Danti2022/08/01 12:33 PM
              RIP Optane/XPointNoSpammer2022/08/02 02:50 AM
                RIP Optane/XPointDoug S2022/08/02 08:24 AM
                  RIP Optane/XPointGionatan Danti2022/08/02 09:34 AM
                  RIP Optane/XPoint---2022/08/02 09:39 AM
            RIP Optane/XPointDavid Hess2022/08/03 02:48 AM
              RIP Optane/XPointMichael S2022/08/03 05:04 AM
                RIP Optane/XPointDavid Hess2022/08/03 07:56 AM
        RIP Optane/XPointAdrian2022/08/01 01:15 AM
          RIP Optane/XPointGionatan Danti2022/08/01 05:07 AM
            Losses vs not profitable enoughMark Roulo2022/08/01 09:15 AM
              Losses vs not profitable enoughdmcq2022/08/01 10:50 AM
                Losses vs not profitable enoughGionatan Danti2022/08/01 11:34 AM
            RIP Optane/XPointMichael S2022/08/01 01:47 PM
              RIP Optane/XPointAnon2022/08/01 02:09 PM
                RIP Optane/XPointMichael S2022/08/01 02:32 PM
      RIP Optane/XPointGroo2022/08/01 11:28 AM
        RIP Optane/XPointanon32022/08/01 09:33 PM
          RIP Optane/XPointGroo2022/08/03 10:15 AM
            RIP Optane/XPoint---2022/08/03 02:05 PM
    LatencyDavid Kanter2022/07/29 05:35 PM
  Operating system and driver overheadEric L2022/07/29 02:44 AM
    Operating system and driver overheadLinus Torvalds2022/07/29 09:45 AM
  altrernatives?Michael S2022/07/29 04:17 AM
    altrernatives?Rayla2022/07/29 05:49 AM
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