New details on NVidia's Grace server CPU

By: Jeff McWilliams (, August 31, 2022 11:20 am
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Nvidia Details Grace Hopper CPU Superchip Design: 144 Cores on 4N TSMC Process

I hadn't seen any discussion of this so I figured I'd post a link.

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New details on NVidia's Grace server CPUJeff McWilliams2022/08/31 11:20 AM
  New details on NVidia's Grace server CPUWes Felter2022/08/31 12:08 PM
    New details on NVidia's Grace server CPUGroo2022/08/31 01:13 PM
    NVidia Grace Hopper architectureWes Felter2022/09/20 11:29 AM
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        NVidia Grace Hopper architecturenone2022/09/20 10:27 PM
        NVidia Grace Hopper architecture---2022/09/21 09:05 AM
          NVidia Grace Hopper architectureAdrian2022/09/21 09:48 PM
          Extra replyAdrian2022/09/21 10:32 PM
            Typo: Neoverse N2 should have been V2Adrian2022/09/21 10:38 PM
            Extra replyFreddie2022/09/22 06:31 AM
              Extra replyAdrian2022/09/22 08:22 AM
              Extra reply---2022/09/22 12:51 PM
                Extra replyAdrian2022/09/22 11:59 PM
                  Sorry, there are many typos in the previous reply and they cannot be edited (NT)Adrian2022/09/23 12:01 AM
                  Extra replyMichael S2022/09/23 02:31 AM
                  Extra reply---2022/09/23 08:50 AM
                    Extra replyAdrian2022/09/24 03:26 AM
                      Extra replyFreddie2022/09/24 08:22 AM
                        matrix-vector operationsMichael S2022/09/25 03:14 AM
                        Extra replyAdrian2022/09/25 04:13 AM
                          TypoAdrian2022/09/25 05:04 AM
                          Extra replyFreddie2022/09/25 05:11 AM
                            Extra replydmcq2022/09/25 11:27 AM
                              Extra reply---2022/09/25 05:49 PM
                            Extra replydmcq2022/09/25 11:27 AM
                              Extra replydmcq2022/09/25 12:27 PM
                            Extra replyAdrian2022/09/26 01:59 AM
                              Listing file?Adrian2022/09/26 02:28 AM
                                Listing file?Freddie2022/09/26 03:53 AM
                                  Intel Xe ISAMarcus2022/09/26 05:05 AM
                                    Intel Xe ISAFreddie2022/09/26 05:22 AM
                                      Thanks! (NT)Marcus2022/09/26 09:18 AM
                                  Thanks for the link ! (NT)Adrian2022/09/26 08:31 AM
      NVidia Grace Hopper architectureRayla2022/09/20 09:47 PM
        NVidia Grace Hopper architecturedmcq2022/09/22 04:10 AM
          NVidia Grace Hopper architectureAnon2022/09/22 04:38 AM
            NVidia Grace Hopper architecturedmcq2022/09/23 04:29 AM
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