A16 Jetstream2 result

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If we believe preliminary numbers, there has been a MASSIVE improvement in JS performance:

A16: 282
A15: 180
A14: 159
A13: 133

I mentioned two patents that came out around the time of the A15 that were written up primarily in the language of accelerating Objective C msgdispatch, but that to my eye could be applied to any interpreted language with a particular type of structure, like JS (or eg Lua, or Python?)

Certainly looks like something happened with the A16! Either the slight HW generalizations I had in mind were implemented, or Safari was improved [and so we will also see this change on A15].
My guess is it's HW; if it were just SW the changes are small enough and the payoff large enough that I suspect it would have been done very soon after release if not before.

I mention this (assuming it holds; I assume neither Jetstream2 nor www.notebookcheck.net are being spammed by the kind of jackassery we have seen in the past with fake numbers, but with early results who knows...) because of my point that you only see what a benchmark looks for.
This is a HUGE improvement, over 50%, but it's invisible to any benchmark that isn't specifically testing JS performance. How many other such invisible improvements are present in hypervisor support, core-to-core latency, AMX, and other features that have not been tested?
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