NVIDIA Linux driver and Kernel 5.19 & 6.0. Survival for Nvidia

By: Björn Ragnar Björnsson (bjorn.ragnar.delete@this.gmail.com), October 1, 2022 7:21 pm
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Adrian (a.delete@this.acm.org) on October 1, 2022 6:14 am wrote:
> Marcus (m.delete@this.bitsnbites.eu) on October 1, 2022 3:12 am wrote:
> > Adrian (a.delete@this.acm.org) on September 30, 2022 7:30 am wrote:
> > > I certainly want for any privileged program that I use, like device drivers, to be open
> > > source, but nevertheless NVIDIA has provided for about 20 years high quality device
> > > drivers for Linux and FreeBSD, even if in closed source form.
> >
> > That is true (and it was the reason that I used NVIDIA for a long time), but the fact that they
> > are closed source means that they integrate poorly with the rest of the Linux graphics ecosystem
> > (kernel, mesa, dri, wayland, ...), which is a PITA for Linux users and developers alike.
> >
> > > Among other hardware producers, only Intel has provided a similar amount of high-quality support work.
> >
> > ...and their drivers are fully open-source: https://www.phoronix.com/review/intel-arc-graphics-linux,
> > which provides a much better user experience.
> >
> > I'm currently waiting for Intel (preferably) or AMD to make a real difference in the mid
> > range GPU market so that I can finally replace my old GTX 1080 without feeling ripped off.
> While I might buy an AMD RDNA 3 card, to be used in a server, for computational purposes, if
> I will be able to afford it, I am also considering an Arc 770 as a replacement for a RTX 2060
> Super, which has a similar performance to GTX 1080, even if it is a more recent model.
> While I have been happy with many NVIDIA cards, under Linux or FreeBSD, on desktops and laptops, since 2005
> until today, I do not believe that in the near future they will introduce any model whose performance / price
> ratio I will consider acceptable, so for now I am looking forward only to the offers from AMD or Intel.
> That has the added bonus of open-source device drivers and software tools,
> even if there will be some work for converting CUDA programs.

Let's hope that Nvidia gets wise to the game (no, I'm not talking about gamers on windows) before they become irrelevant. Pony up the open source support already, Nvidia, I'm predicting you'll be sorry if you don't. Not necessarily now, next month or two, but ... eventually in not too distant future.

The graveyard of computer system winners is littered with (thought to be) unassailables Don't go there,please, Nvidia! Go open source with the living.
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