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> Is there yet any sort of movement for GP-NPU (analogous to GP-GPU, general purpose compute on an NPU)?
> I can't speak for other designs (and there seem to be no good overviews or even consensus yet as to what
> these things should look like) but the Apple one appears to be essentially/primarily a convolution engine.
> Define an (essentially fixed) set of weights, run a stream of data against those weights, and accumulate
> sums. What we get in HW is a whole lot (low-precision) MACs linked to some (wider precision) accumulators,
> some specialized storage (weights plus input stream buffer) and some HW-assisted addressing.
> Point is, you get much less than even GPUs when GP-GPU began.
> So, can we do anything interesting with this that's not actually NPU related?

Maybe finding the vector movements in successive video frames of HD, to be able to compress better or stabilise the image?
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