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By: Michael S (already5chosen.delete@this.yahoo.com), November 21, 2022 3:43 pm
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Andrey (andrey.semashev.delete@this.gmail.com) on November 21, 2022 1:50 pm wrote:
> anonymou5 (no.delete@this.spam.com) on November 21, 2022 1:25 pm wrote:
> > > Of course, if this is done it is done internally in hardware and invisible
> > > to software. Would anyone publish it if they did this?
> >
> > Check the patent literature, for the obvious stuff.
> >
> > Btw, encryption is another aspect which makes the 0-vs-1 debate (as well as DBI) moot.
> Encryption happens in the CPU, no? Meaning that the DRAM interface
> would still benefit from DBI the same as with unencrypted data.

When DBI is applied to encrypted data (or to any other data with equal probabilities of all 256 byte value), on average it reduces density on zeros only by 18%.
And before you're asking, yes, in DDR4 DBI is used to reduce a density of zeroes, not density of ones.
I don't know why.

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