Any thoughts on Dell CAMM?

By: Paul A. Clayton (, December 7, 2022 9:25 am
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RichardC ( on December 5, 2022 12:06 pm wrote:
> The SODIMM standard is outdated - the trace lengths limit the frequency, and th Z-dimension is high for
> modern laptops.

However, an alternative to SODIMM would not have to be single-board-per-system (I think). The "Compression Attached" nature is interesting but the single, relatively large (and variably sized) module is a distinct aspect. Providing two interfaces per system would not seem to increase board size or routing issues but would have facilitated flexibility in upgrading — as mentioned, this is not a significant consideration, perhaps especially at the higher end of the market.

> So if you want to compete with Apple (DRAM chips directly on motherboard close to CPU,
> with very short traces) you can't do SODIMM. Mostly end-users don't care about upgradability and they'd
> be happy with DRAM-on-mobo. But there are logistical and inventory advantages for manufacturers in being
> able to stock DRAM modules separately from motherboards and systems. Not very interesting from a technical
> point of view, but presumably it helps Dell to manage their production and service efficiently.

The form-factor at least seems to present, as I mentioned, opportunities for unusual memory devices. Rather than moving memory to a PCIe interface, perhaps what would be classified as I/O might be moved to a memory interface. (If the CAMM interface is DDRn-centric/specific, this would probably not be practical.)

Wild speculation: Since performance efficiency and size can be significant for servers, a similar interface might have uses outside of laptops.

I doubt Dell would be interested in such R&D directions, but establishing a standard that would not hamper investigating such might be beneficial (to the world at large).

Anyway, the interface change seemed interesting and the Real World Technologies forum has been somewhat low volume recently.
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