Embedded system parallelism

By: Michael S (already5chosen.delete@this.yahoo.com), October 19, 2003 10:27 am
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José Javier Zarate (jzarate@unav.es) on 10/19/03 wrote:
>Please, excuse my ignorance but what's c.a.?

comp.arch Usenet discussion forums.

For the archives see

For example you could find 5220 references for Bill Todd, 2970 for Paul DeMone, 920 for David Wang (I'm not sure it's all of the same David Wang), 222 for Dean Kent etc.

Paul A. Clayton a.k.a at150bogomips is a relative newbie of c.a. (unless he posted under different names before) but recently he is one of the more active participants. He is probably the only poster who still consistently attempts to start discussions related to the technical aspects of the CPU microarchitecture.
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