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Article: Coverage of IEDM 2003: AMD and Intel on Day 2
By: Dean Kent (, December 13, 2003 12:36 pm
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David Wang ( on 12/13/03 wrote:
Are we (as consumers) willing
>to continue to pay more money to get more performance? The server people will always
>pay whatever is needed to get the performance, but I think the trend is suggesting
>that more consumers are choosing lower performance and lower power draw mobile solutions.

I remember back in 1991 (?) when I bought my 486DX-50 system from a company called Comtrade. The first problem was that the VLB video card got whacked out, because the VESA bus wouldn't operate properly at 50MHz. So, they 'upgraded' me to a 486DX-66 system, which crapped out about 3 months later. When I took it back, they said that the CPU fan had stopped working...

Fan? FAN? Why do I need a stinking CPU fan? Back then, most only needed a small heatsink. I still have one of those old heatsinks, and today's heatsinks look obscenely huge compared to that one. Now we get people claiming that Prescott (or whatever) must have a problem because it needs an even *bigger* heatsink. Obviously, there comes a time when the heatsink/fan is insufficient, and something has to be done. Whoever has to do it first will be the goat, even though everyone has the same problem to deal with...


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