Article: Wolves in CISC Clothing
By: José Javier Zarate (, January 7, 2004 12:14 pm
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Paul DeMone ( on 1/7/04 wrote:
>José Javier Zarate ( on 1/7/04 wrote:
>>Only two comments:
>>On Transmeta
>>I seem to recall that when Transmeta started announcing its processor they suggested
>>the possibility of having an "universal processor" and that they would develop different
>>CMSs as needed-demanded by the market. But Mr. DeMone seems to state the opposite
>>in the last paragraph of the fourth page of his article.
>I didn't say other ISAs couldn't be supported. I meant
>that other ISAs couldn't be supported as efficiently
>as x86. The Crusoe hardware isn't neutral, it is highly
>organized around emulating x86. The Crusoe is far from
>being a "universal processor".

I see this on your article. I was simply showing my surprise due to the comments made by some Transmeta people.

>Can a Crusoe support MC88000 comparison result generation
>as efficiently as x86 status code generation? Can Crusoe
>support VAX FP formats and semantics as efficiently as it
>does x87?

Its support for MMX or x87 FP are enough to seee is x86 oriented. I see it after reading your article, still surprised by Transmeta's staff comments.

>>About IA-32EL:
>>I read an article about HP's Dynamo, very similar internal working only for PA-RISC/HP-UX
>>native programs. It appeared to me that Dynamo was much more aggressive when marking
>>a block as "Hot". Also I ask myself if IA-64 could benefit from an EL devoted to its native programs.
>>It would be very nice if any publically available documents on IA-32 EL were posted.

Thanks for the info.

Best regards
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