Interesting Interview, David. Thank you.

Article: Interview With SGI
By: Michael S (, February 23, 2004 4:09 am
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David Kanter ( on 2/22/04 wrote:
>Ken Farmer, of and I recently had the opportunity to interview Jason
>Pettit, the product manager for the SGI Altix systems. We discussed the Altix systems
>in general, the relatively new 512P system installed at NASA, and Linux on the Altix.
>The interview transcript and commentary can be found here:

Of coarse, if I was here I would ask a couple of provocative questions, like:

How did you measured 145ns "local" memory latency and 275 "neighbor" memory latency? Not a pointer chasing, I guess.

Today certain vendors ( provide single system image computers without overhead imposed by cache coherency achieving computation density order of magnitude higher than the best from SGI. Couple of more famous vendors are pushing similar approaches.
Don't you think that for computationally-intensive workloads big cache-coherent systems are a dead end?
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