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Article: The Battle in 64 bit Land: Merchant Chips on the Rise
By: Interested in Illinois (, May 5, 2004 10:07 pm
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Dean Kent ( on 5/5/04 wrote:
>Salem ( on 5/5/04 wrote:
>>I see the THOUGHT POLICE has come to rescue the actual board stalker (waitressingaza).
>Unfortunately, you have stated your case completely wrong from the get-go. I have
>no way of stopping anyone from thinking, I can only react

But Dean, censorship of ideas (as opposed to mere profane language) would stop those ideas from being heard, no matter how valid they are. Shouldn't people decide what ideas are worthwhile? Censorship of profane language is far more objective and less damaging.

> to the *statements* actually
>made. So, this isn't anything even resembling 'thought police'.

Dean, have you read 'Animal Farm'?

>In addition, I didn't see you ask if I had actually taken any action against waitressInGaza.
>Therefore, your entire premise is based upon ASSumption, which is completely wrong.

Just what sort of language is acceptable? Your implication of 'Salem' 's thinking as being like that of a donkey is perhaps acceptable use of language to state your opinion of him I suppose, since mythological works like the Bible contain the word 'ass' in English renditions. But the question remains, what is obscene language?

No, I would not want this 'waitressInGaza' person to be censored for 'wrong ideas', but the use of profane language does detract from presentation, and his argument. It is also rude.

>>Lord knows we can only have happy clean intel thoughts here. All other opinions
>>are to be bashed and personally insulted. And if that doesn't quiet the non-intel
>>way thinkers then we will banish them.
>Of course, this is an Intel vs everyone else issue. It couldn't *possibly* be
>anything else. Could it?

Dean is correct, there are possibly other motives and issues involved, and to render the issue as a dichotomy is simplifying it a great deal. The Question is not whether people who critizise Intel are necessarily 'anti-Intel', it is what Intel did, and the nature of the critisisms directed at it. I maintain Intel made prespostorous claims of IA64 architectural performance in the past decade. Is this true? Did Intel make such claims which in retrospect are clearly false? If this is the case, would the person accusing Intel Corporation of indecent conduct regarding this matter be 'anti-Intel'? Are authorities who arrest a person who killed another 'anti-' that person for wanting to prosecute him? Or are they doing what is just and noble?

>Perhaps if Interested in Illinois has any integrity, he can come to my defense here?

Dean, I'm willing to do more than that. In fact, at your request, I am willing to become 'spiritual advisor' to Real World Tech in all manner regarding ethics.

Out of a sence of duty to the Communal nature of RWT.

>>lets all thank dean for keeping this a nice intel only thought board.
>Nice try. There are plenty of 'anti-Intel' posts that are still present. And

Remember Dean, people may be 'anti-' an observed behaviour such as lying and deception, not necessarily against the entity in question unless it became habitual and a part of the essence of that entity.

>if you had bothered to display any evidence of comprehension you would see that
>this type of post does absolutely nothing to quell the more-and-more prevalent view
>that people who really dislike Intel are incapable of rational thought. I'm sure
>that all of them are very happy that you are one of their spokespersons...
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