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Article: Sizing up the Super Heavyweights
By: anonymous (, November 2, 2004 9:46 am
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>[...] I can't see how Montecito can compete with any of
>AMD's products at all. Sure the performance is higher,
>but is it worth it when you can get 2-3 Opteron systems
>with one Montecito system?

RAS? (At least that's what some people keep bringing up.)

Lets see.

Opteron does have plenty of ECC, parity, and machine-check
features. It might still be trailing IPF on this front, but
this can be addressed in the future, if need be.

In terms of maturity, AMD64 is as good or bad as IPF. Both
are fairly new; AMD64 benefits from "being like x86", while
IPF benefits from Intel's massive resources. (Reading the
errata lists for the two is interesting. :)

And when it comes to scalability -- well, there is Horus.

I'm curious to see what AMD will be able to do with FAB36.

>I don't call Montecito's performance increase over Madison 6MB impressive at all.
>It rather sucks. Call me a troll or whatever, but without achieving dual-core
>and such Mckinley achieved similar performance increase over Merced, plus you didn't need to have ridiculous size die.

I concur.

Though IPF die sizes have always been ridiculous.

Here are the numbers that I've gathered over time:

180nm Merced = 441 mm^2 (without L3)
180nm McKinley = 421 mm^2 (3M L3)
130nm Madison = 374 mm^2 (6M L3)
130nm Madison = 266 mm^2 (1.5M L3 aka Deerfield)
???nm Madison = ??? mm^2 (9M L3)
90nm Montecito = 580 mm^2 (2x 12M L3)

But hey, sadly that's the way things seem to be heading: the
processor cores are being relegated to memory controllers.
On that front IPF is merely a sign of things to come, thanks
to Intel's immense fab capacity.

In fact, with ever-shrinking core die sizes, Intel & co have
to go multi-core and large-cache -- otherwise they have too
much fab space. A sad trend, IMO.

>With Athlon64's having almost as low TDP as Pentium M at half the price and faster
>performance, I can't see how Intel will keep their marketshare advantage over AMD,
>whether desktop, palmtop, server, laptop, only reason that Intel lives is because of the stupid customers.

It's called a brand. :)

But yeah, a brand alone won't save you forever.

Btw, Dothan is a kick-a$$ part.
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