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Article: Sizing up the Super Heavyweights
By: Chuck (, November 2, 2004 10:33 am
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anonymous ( on 11/2/04 wrote:
>>[...] I can't see how Montecito can compete with any of
>>AMD's products at all. Sure the performance is higher,
>>but is it worth it when you can get 2-3 Opteron systems
>>with one Montecito system?
>RAS? (At least that's what some people keep bringing up.)
>Lets see.
>Opteron does have plenty of ECC, parity, and machine-check
>features. It might still be trailing IPF on this front, but
>this can be addressed in the future, if need be.
>In terms of maturity, AMD64 is as good or bad as IPF. Both
>are fairly new; AMD64 benefits from "being like x86", while
>IPF benefits from Intel's massive resources. (Reading the
>errata lists for the two is interesting. :)
>And when it comes to scalability -- well, there is Horus.
>I'm curious to see what AMD will be able to do with FAB36.
>>I don't call Montecito's performance increase over Madison 6MB impressive at all.
>>It rather sucks. Call me a troll or whatever, but without achieving dual-core
>>and such Mckinley achieved similar performance increase over Merced, plus you didn't need to have ridiculous size die.
>I concur.
>Though IPF die sizes have always been ridiculous.
>Here are the numbers that I've gathered over time:
>180nm Merced = 441 mm^2 (without L3)

How did you get Merced's die size figure? IIRC Intel never disclosed its die size.

>180nm McKinley = 421 mm^2 (3M L3)
>130nm Madison = 374 mm^2 (6M L3)
>130nm Madison = 266 mm^2 (1.5M L3 aka Deerfield)
>???nm Madison = ??? mm^2 (9M L3)
>90nm Montecito = 580 mm^2 (2x 12M L3)
>But hey, sadly that's the way things seem to be heading: the
>processor cores are being relegated to memory controllers.
>On that front IPF is merely a sign of things to come, thanks
>to Intel's immense fab capacity.
>In fact, with ever-shrinking core die sizes, Intel & co have
>to go multi-core and large-cache -- otherwise they have too
>much fab space. A sad trend, IMO.
>>With Athlon64's having almost as low TDP as Pentium M at half the price and faster
>>performance, I can't see how Intel will keep their marketshare advantage over AMD,
>>whether desktop, palmtop, server, laptop, only reason that Intel lives is because of the stupid customers.
>It's called a brand. :)
>But yeah, a brand alone won't save you forever.
>Btw, Dothan is a kick-a$$ part.
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