awesome read, very well done, David

Article: ISSCC 2005: The CELL Microprocessor
By: David Wang (, February 12, 2005 9:56 am
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mas ( on 2/12/05 wrote:
>David Kanter ( on 2/11/05 wrote:
>>After some slight delays, David Wang's excellent CELL article is available

>>Please take a read, and let us know what you think.
>>David Kanter
>I don't think PCs are at risk but one could perhaps not say the same for HPC setups
>if it generates 25-30 DP Gflops per cpu. You could imagine Beowolf clusters of
>Cell processors. It would take much longer to make large scale SMP large TB servers
>but even Itanium Altixes could come under pressure if they do although that is not
>a quick or trivial task to achieve and by then Itanium could have responded in a future variant.

I think it depends on how low the cost per bit premium you'd end up having to pay for the XDR memory.

It turns out that you can indeed pack 72 XDR devices into the 72 bit wide data bus, so you can keep the 25 GB/s bandwdith as well as get the capacity, but then the question shifts to how cheaply can you get XDR?

I am guessing that HPC folks will have to ride behind PS3's wave for a while to bring XDR costs down to a relatively reasonable level.

There's another interesting angle here too, comparing Blue Gene (low power, low freq, cheap DDR) against CELL (not exactly low power, ultra freq, XDR). Quite opposite approaches all around.

>The thing look like it can scale too, 4-5 Ghz, which is ironic considering Intel's past emphasis on clockspeed.
>All in all an interesting novel design and I look forward to trying it out in a PS3.

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