CELL Microprocessor Revisited

Article: CELL Microprocessor Revisited
By: mas (mas769.delete@this.hotmail.com), March 27, 2005 8:27 pm
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The MPR report on Cell is now on IBM's site



p8 mentions a 21 stage pipeline

David Kanter (dkanter@realworldtech.com) on 3/7/05 wrote:
>David Wang has finished up the second part of his coverage of the CELL Microprocessor.

The original can only be accessed from the home page and not from any menu on the left hand side. The interview with SGI also falls under that category. Should they be under the Special Reports menu ?

>Part II contains several elaborations on CELL, particularly the XDR memory subsystem and multiprocessor support.
>The article can be found at:

>David Kanter
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