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Article: CELL Microprocessor III
By: David Wang (, August 5, 2005 11:00 pm
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David Wang ( on 8/3/05 wrote:
>Panajev2001a ( on 8/3/05 wrote:
>>David Wang ( on 8/2/05 wrote:
>>>fastpathguru ( on 8/2/05 wrote:
>>>>Re: The Mystery of the Missing FLOPS, is it possible that it's solved by accounting
>>>>for the extra meat in the PPE? I didn't see that mentioned as a possibility.
>>>You need 68 flops per cycle to get 218 GFlops @ 3.2 GHz.
>>>It's easy to get 56 of those flops from 7 SPE's, using FMADD, but then you'd need
>>>12 flops per cycle out of the PPE to get to 68.
>>>Again, assume that you can crank 8 Flops per cycle out with FMADD, you still need
>>>4 flops per cycle. The PPE is multi-threaded, but the impression that I got from
>>>the IBM folks is that the scalar and vector FP units are actually shared so you
>>>really can't get more flops out of the PPE either. Regardless, even if the FP units
>>>aren't shared, you still can't get 4 flops per cycle out of the scalar side of thing.
>>>So no, the beefier PPE can't get to 12 flops per cycle even if it had independent scalar/vector FP units.
>>Why not ? See Gekko ;).
>I've forgotten about Gekko entirely.
>So the 12 Flops/cycle can be attained by the PPE if the PPE's scalar FPU can do
>a 2 wide SP FMADD in addition to a separate and independent Altivec unit. That
>does make things quite curious. I'm not sure how many programmers will be able
>to make use of this capability, but I think you're right, the Gekko ISA extension
>to the DD2 PPE explanation sounds to be the most reasonable explanation that I have
>come across about how Sony was able to claim the 218 GFlops rating with only 7 SPE's @ 3.2 GHz.
>Perhaps you can write a rebuttal article and we can link it to the current article.
>I think the readership in general will benefit from this discussion.

I've since received two negative feedbacks on the "DD2 PPE has Gekko" speculation from people who *should* know. So I'm now back to square one. The flops are mysterious once again with no explanation as to how to account for the last 4 flops per cycle.

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