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Article: CELL Microprocessor III
By: mas ((Not Given)), August 3, 2005 7:59 pm
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fastpathguru ( on 8/3/05 wrote:
>() on 8/3/05 wrote:
>>David Wang ( on 8/2/05 wrote:
>>>It'll be harder to maintain peak DP FP, especially since you have to use separate
>>>tool chains for the SPE and the PPE. So you have to do a clean-sheet re-think about
>>>how to utilize the asymmetric threading model and keep the functional units busy.
>>>I think that you'll probably have to make your choice to run with "legacy" PPC ISA
>>>and get the FP performance there, or go with the SPE only.
>>Fair enough, that makes Xenon only look better then.
>The new programming model is a hurdle, as much as there's a learning curve to it.
>I personally think that people are making a bigger fuss than necessary over this
>issue. (And I speak from personal experience programming coprocessors with the freakiest
>toolchains, and working around the most arcane limitations you can imagine.)
>It's no different than developing high-performance shader scripts for GPUs. Different
>toolchains, programming model, etc., except with FEWER limitations.
>If they open it all the way up to anybody who cares to experiment with it, you're
>going to see a body of work grow rapidly... "Cell Gems" won't be far behind.
>>>If they're going to heavily subsidize the consoles, they may not like the idea
>>>of people buying them for compute farms.
>>MS look like they are with a $299 price but Sony are not in any sort of mood to
>>do so with $450-499 being bandied about. At that differential the Xenon looks the
>>better deal and it also would probably make the better general-purpose computer
>too with 3 conventional PPC-type cores.
>A) Indications are that PS3 _will_ be user-programmable. Linux pre-installed on
>the harddrive w/support for Cell, and I presume Nvidia drivers.
>And B) I have a hard time believing that Xbox2 will be anything but wrapped up
>tight, with no unauthorized access at all... Come on, >we're talking about Microsoft here.

I didn't say anything about unauthorised access. Both Sony and Microsoft want to have these consoles develop into more than just consoles, poor men's PCs as it were with authorised programs. I think Xenon with three times as many PPE cores and double the cache is better suited for that role IMO and don't forget all that Mac software out there now that already runs on PPC hardware that could be ported.

Due to the Sony Cell hype I think people are being concerned about the wrong disruptive hardware ;-).

>If A and B are true, then it's a no-brainer... $200 would be _cheap_... The PS3
>would be this decade's C64, the ultimate hobby machine.
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