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Article: P.A. Semi's PA6T-1682M System-on-a-Chip
By: David Kanter (, October 26, 2005 5:57 pm
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Bill Todd ( on 10/26/05 wrote:
>David Kanter ( on 10/24/05 wrote:
>>I have just finished up a new article that provides very in-depth coverage of the
>>P.A. Semi PWRficient product family, and the first implementation, the PA6T-1682M.
>Nice article - only just got around to reading it >(Charlie's less-detailed coverage having inspired me to).

Thanks, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it; I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on this one. This was certainly one of my better articles (along with the X3 article).

>The question arose in my mind whether there was any provision for multi-socket
>coherent systems, and the last page of your article seemed to suggest that there
>was - but (unless I skimmed too quickly) did not indicate how it was accomplished
>(the diagram suggests that it might be via extension of >Connexium off-chip, which would be somewhat POWERx-like).

I'm not 100% sure either. Obviously, you cannot use any form of ethernet for coherent traffic, nor can you use PCIe. There's no reason why you can't have the SERDES from one chip connected to another chip, but I don't know what you would run on top of said link. I believe that the diagram I used was showing a cluster; each chip would be a node, and they would be connected with 10GBE or whatever you want to use.

I can certainly ask though, but I don't really think it would make sense. They are in the embedded market principally, and they would probably want you to buy the higher end parts if you want more performance in a CC system.

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