Intel Tulsa Coverage from ISSCC

Article: ISSCC 2006: Intel Tulsa
By: Alberto (, February 21, 2006 4:43 am
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David Kanter ( on 2/21/06 wrote:
>Fellow RWTers,
>In continuing with our tradition* of having regular articles, here is one for Tuesday.
>This article describes the architecture of Tulsa, and focuses on the techniques
>Intel used to address leakage, the rationale behind the shared L3 cache and how
>it suites Intel's system architecture and concludes with a schmoo plot and some comments about Intel's 65nm process.
>Take a look and give us some feedback!
>*OK, so this tradition basically started last week, and >we're hoping to keep it up for a while, but who knows?

Many thanks for the article!!

A question: a RWT poster has said that Tulsa L3 run at half the core clock speed, it is true?

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