AMD's Next Gen MPU

By: David Kanter (, May 16, 2006 8:44 am
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Hey Guys,

I'm sitting in a keynote from AMD's Chuck Moore, and here is information on the next generation i.e. K8L.

0. Native quad core
1. Hypertransport up to 5.2GT/s
2. Better coherency
3. Private L2, shared L3 cache that scales up.
4. Separate power planes and pstates for north bridge and CPU
5. 128b FPUs - see 14,15
6. 48b virtual/physical addressing and 1GB pages
7. Support for DDR2, eventually DDR3
8. Support for FBD1 and 2 eventually
9. I/O virtualization and nested page tables
10. Memory mirroring, data poisoning, HT retry protocol support
11. 32B instead of 16B ifetch
12. Indirect branch predictors
13. OOO load execution - similar to memory disambiguation
14. 2x 128b SSE units
15. 2x 128b SSE LDs/cycle
16. Several new instructions

media processing
JVM/CLR acceleration
TOE, XML or SSL processing

Anyway, ours news posting is somewhat broken, so I might not get to turn this into news. But you heard it here first : )

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AMD's Next Gen MPUDavid Kanter2006/05/16 08:44 AM
  Great stuff. What is its ETA? (NT)Paul DeMone2006/05/16 09:05 AM
    Early 2007David Kanter2006/05/16 01:30 PM
      Early 2007mas2006/05/16 01:44 PM
        K8L FPUsDavid Kanter2006/05/16 02:48 PM
          K8L FPUsmas2006/05/16 03:15 PM
            K8L FPUsAnil Maliyekkel2006/05/16 06:54 PM
      More like late 2007,trust me ;-) (NT)Latex2006/05/16 02:58 PM
      Do they have silicon yet?Paul DeMone2006/05/16 04:47 PM
        Do they have silicon yet?curious george bush2006/05/16 06:25 PM
          Do they have silicon yet?LauraBush2006/05/17 04:48 AM
          Doubt itsavantu2006/05/18 03:08 AM
            Doubt itDavid Kanter2006/05/18 11:23 AM
              Doubt itsavantu2006/05/18 11:39 PM
                Doubt itDavid Kanter2006/05/19 12:06 AM
                Doubt itDresdenboy2006/05/19 04:00 AM
            Doubt itDresdenboy2006/05/18 02:17 PM
              Doubt itanonymous2006/05/18 04:38 PM
              Doubt itsavantu2006/05/18 11:41 PM
                Don't be sillyDavid Kanter2006/05/19 12:09 AM
                Doubt itDresdenboy2006/05/19 12:18 AM
            Doubt itVincent Diepeveen2006/06/06 07:32 AM
              Doubt itDavid Kanter2006/06/06 10:05 AM
                Execution core logicsVincent Diepeveen2006/06/07 01:40 AM
        Do they have silicon yet? Alberto2006/05/17 04:57 AM
          QC on 90nm would be a no brainer, definitely 65nm (NT)Daniel Bizó2006/05/17 05:09 AM
            He! like a 90nm Q3/2006 Montecito? (NT)Alberto2006/05/17 05:55 AM
              Totally irrelevant and out of contextDaniel Bizó2006/05/17 06:22 AM
                I think not, yet QC K8 is on 65nm (link)Alberto2006/05/17 06:49 AM
                  I think not, yet QC K8 is on 65nm (link)Daniel Bizó2006/05/17 07:14 AM
                    I think not, yet QC K8 is on 65nm (link)Alberto2006/05/17 07:39 AM
                    I think not, yet QC K8 is on 65nm (link)Hans de Vries2006/05/17 10:33 PM
                  Do you remember AMD's DC die plot?Dresdenboy2006/05/18 02:41 AM
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