The importance of tuning

Article: Core Microarchitecture Performance: Woodcrest Preview
By: Kava (, May 23, 2006 7:06 pm
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William Campbell ( on 5/23/06 wrote:
>David Kanter ( on 5/23/06 wrote:
>David, thank you for the review. Excellent work--and time consumming no doubt. ;)
>A general question for some feedback if i may. You make reference in your article
>on several occasions about future performance gains using tuning and optimised software.
>In the real world, how likely is that to happen though. My experience is that
>once a production platform becomes stable, the people who look after infrastructure
>are _loathe_ to change to (for example) a new JVM etc. because the validation and
>regression testing costs are prohibitive. Perhaps I've only worked in overly conservative
>organisations? So while the theoretical numbers are impressive, whether Woodcrest
>will be as dominant may not be so clear cut?

Tuning is very important, sometimes it pulls off huge improvement. Because CPU means nothing without software running on it, but softwares are written by people who very possibly do not know how to utilize CPU best. Intel definitely helps its big customers(BEA, SAP) tune their major software products. It's a win-win if they can sell the "platform". Do you want a JRokit with this much performance? Good, go buy a Woody because we only can reach there with it. What you go a Woody already but needing a JVM? Well go for BEA because that's the fastest master piece so far...
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