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Article: Cavium MIPSes Network and Security Processing
By: Chuck (no.delete@this.thanks.com), June 19, 2006 6:45 pm
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mas (mas769@hotmail.com) on 6/18/06 wrote:
>mas (mas769@hotmail.com) on 6/18/06 wrote:
>>mas (mas769@hotmail.com) on 6/18/06 wrote:
>>>Really interesting article. Perhaps their biggest competitor is RMI who just bought
>>>Alchemy off AMD. They have an 8-core 32-thread SMT MIPS chip. Interesting to see
>>>all these new RISC start-ups working under the radar of the big boys ;-).
>>>XLR732 Processor
>>>The heart of the XLR732 processor consists of an innovative set of XLR™ cores enabling
>>>up to 32 threads or virtual CPUs (vCPUs™) in a single chip. The XLR architecture
>>>is built around eight XLR-enhanced MIPS64-compatible cores implementing fine-grained,
>>>4-way multithreading combined with multi-level hierarchy of caches, autonomous accelerators,
>>>and point-to-point interconnects for data and message transfers.
>>>The interconnects’ full-speed operation augment application scalability and closely
>>>integrate the high performance main memory controllers, level-2 caches, 10Gbps accelerated
>>>security operations, and accelerated networking interfaces to deliver a processing
>>>solution running at frequencies of 800MHz – 1.2GHz optimized for maximum throughput and workload efficiency.
>>>RMI XLR732 Highlights:
>>>* Operating Frequency 800MHz – 1.2GHz
>>>* 8 Cores with 32 Threads (vCPUs™)
>>>* 2MB of Banked 8-way L2 Caches
>>>* Four Autonomous Security Acceleration Engines (SAEs) with 10Gbps capacity
>>>* 4 x 36bit (144 bit) DDR I/II at 800MHz
>>>* 2 x 10GE/SPI 4.2
>>>* 4 x 1GEs
>>>* 1605 BGA Package
>>some more detail
>some history

In this article we are told that the NextGen team was responsible for the K-6 (most certainly), but also the Athlon (very unlikely). Mr. Raza goes on to say that "In 1999 we had defined the Opteron 64-bit architecture and things were going well" Defining the architecture by that time scale seems somewhat early. Raza seems to be stuffing his resume with fibs here and there.

>>>David Kanter (dkanter@realworldtech.com) on 6/12/06 wrote:
>>>>Hey Everyone,
>>>>In the tradition of trying to actually publish regularly, we now have a new article online.
>>>>Cavium Networks was founded by a group of industry veterans, including ex Alpha
>>>>designers from DEC, and made its mark producing security coprocessors for the networking
>>>>industry. However, Cavium's plan is to expand their presence into general networking,
>>>>integrating together MIPS compatible processors and dedicated security functions.
>>>>The OCTEON family is a system on a chip that scales from 1 to 16 processors, with
>>>>a bevy of coprocessors, integrated memory controller and networking functionality.
>>>>This article looks at the architecture and existing applications.
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