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Article: Cavium MIPSes Network and Security Processing
By: David Kanter (, June 19, 2006 8:33 pm
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>In this article we are told that the NextGen team was >responsible for the K-6 (most
>certainly), but also the Athlon (very unlikely).

Yup, that seems rather unrealistic. K6 came out in '97 according to wikipedia and the K7 in '99 so it seems unlikely that it was the same team.

>Mr. Raza >goes on to say that "In
>1999 we had defined the Opteron 64-bit architecture and >things were going well"
>Defining the architecture by that time scale seems somewhat early. Raza seems
>to be stuffing his resume with fibs here and there.,,7832_8366_7595~704,00.html

x86-64 was announced in August 2000, so I think an architectural definition and simulation work would have needed to start in 1999. Extending an ISA isn't quite as tricky as defining a new one, because you have fewer degrees of freedom, but it is still a lot of work.

Now of course, I'd disagree that everything went well. AMD dropped their technical FP extensions, and I'm actually having trouble finding much commentary on it besides Paul's article and a wikipedia article. I remember everyone talking about TFP though...

Bottom line, I think his time line seems about right. Perhaps someone who was more active in the industry can comment though...I certainly wasn't paying much attention back then.


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