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Article: Cavium MIPSes Network and Security Processing
By: submicron (, June 18, 2006 11:09 pm
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David Kanter ( on 6/18/06 wrote:
>Cavium has a number of competitors, ones I can think of off the top of my head:
>1. Raza - Don't know to what extent they are selling products. They are still raising VC money
>2. Netlogic Microsystems - Similar idea, full L2-7 network processor, appears
>to be proprietary. They also bought into the idea of using HT as an interconnect.
>I'd question the wisdom of both of those decisions.
>3. PA Semi - Potential competitor, but they need to have product availability first
>4. Freescale
>5. Hifn
>6. Broadcom - Sibyte business, although most of the folks there are now at PA Semi.
>7. AMCC - IBM's old embedded PPC business
>8. PMC-Sierra
>9. Intel
>10. EZChip
>It's really hard to assess the relative positions of each of these guys. For starters,
>the way they compete isn't entirely clear cut. Some of these listed are networking
>companies, some are security only companies, some do both. Anyway, one thing is
>certainly true...while the diversity has decreased in the high end, it has increased in the low-end.

And AMD seems to have done the right thing - go to the high end space and get away from the low-end.
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