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Article: Cavium MIPSes Network and Security Processing
By: theo nordsieck (, June 19, 2006 8:48 am
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Dean Kent ( on 6/19/06 wrote:
>David Kanter ( on 6/19/06 wrote:
>>I have some ideas on what Intel and AMD should do, but I haven't really thought
>>them out well enough, and I think it could make a good article.
>Just for another perspective, I happen to know of a somewhat largish software company
>(several billion per year). The revenues for that company are about 50% mainframe,
>50% 'open systems'. It was stated by someone in the know that the mainframe products
>(legacy stuff) actually are the most profitable, and for all practical purposes
>fund the 'open systems' stuff (Windows/Unix/Linux). Whether this was stated for
>'effect' or was, in fact, entirely accurate, I don't know - but I suspect there
>is more than a single grain of truth to it.
>So, the question for a business is this: Do you jettison your unprofitable products
>that are supposed to be your future, or do you keep them and drive the share price
>down because investors aren't seeing the profits they want to see?
>Techies choose the future, while business people tend to follow the money...

I think the solution deriving from "the innovator's dilema" is to spin off a company that tries to capitolize on the lower-end/less profitable market. That way the parent company can keep the high ASPs/cost structure for up-market products, but still invest in R&D in the low end effectively.
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