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By: Paul DeMone (, August 29, 2006 1:44 pm
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Paul ( on 8/29/06 wrote:
>Paul DeMone ( on 8/29/06 wrote:
>>"In the four-year period 2002 to 2005, customers spent nearly $1.2 billion on Itanium®-based
>>servers running Linux. This is second only to x86-based servers and almost six
>>times as much as on all RISC-based servers running Linux combined."
>How much of that is concentrated in Altix though?

Probably less than half.

>In any case if you buy SPARC
>you're going to run Solaris on it and if you buy POWER then you are probably going
>to run AIX on it.

A significant portion of POWER based servers sold
run OS/400, not AIX.

>Therefore I wouldn't expect Linux on SPARC/POWER/PA-RISC etc to
>have anything more a smattering of background users.

Perhaps. Nevertheless Linux on POWER is a major
push for IBM. IMO the spectacular preference of IBM
customers for its x455 IPF server over POWER for
Linux was a major reason for IBM killing its IPF line.
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